Burglar/ Intruder Alarms

Burglar/ Intruder Alarms

Burglar alarms can be very basic or very complex systems. At RJA, we can install a system to give you piece of mind while in bed or on holiday.

We can detect intruders in many different ways, whether it be in infra-red or beam detectors for movement, vibration sensitive alerts or depending on the size of your property.

We have wireless alarm systems as well as wired system’s to suit your requirement. The wired systems are excellently installed, disguising the cabling as much as possible, the wireless systems means no wires or cabling being installed in and around the property. With ever improving technology the wireless systems are now as efficient as wired alarm systems.

Our systems can be programmed to your requirement and even make allowances for your pets with pet friendly devices and settings.

Optionally, if the alarm is triggered we can configure your alarm to alert our monitoring station, so that either you or the police can be called directly. Whatever suits you, we can deliver.

Security Burglar Alarms

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