Big, small or anywhere in between, every residential or commercial premise is at risk of crime. Most people never think it will happen to them until it’s too late. Instead of waiting for the worst, there’s a simple method to preventing crime and having to power to act when it strikes – CCTV.

Providing a great deterrent to thieves, burglaries and storing evidence, should you ever become a victim, is a powerful tool against the sophisticated burglars of today.

On a positive note, CCTV can also be used to monitor lone workers or general operations.

At RJA Fire & Security we have supplied and installed hundreds of home CCTV systems for customers in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, enabling them to monitor their home and property from any location. We specialise in the latest wireless CCTV cameras giving you full control over your home CCTV system from your mobile or tablet device.

Our business customers trust our expertise and experience in delivering highly connected CCTV systems to monitor their business premises and assets. We have supplied, installed and managed CCTV systems for businesses with some of the most demanding monitoring requirements.

Know who’s on your farm anytime, anywhere.

Our farm CCTV and security systems have been put together to help tackle the increase in crime directed against farms and farmers. We understand that every farm is different, not only in its layout but also in its working practices, and work with our customers to provide the best solution for their particular circumstances.

Our CCTV systems are also a great tool for remotely monitoring animals.

At RJA, we make an effort to keep up with the latest technology in the CCTV world, and we are assisted with this by working with some of the market leaders.

Whether you require a one camera system for at home or a 100+ camera system for your business premises, we can design and install the most suitable solution at a budget to suit.


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