Why Elsa from Frozen is wrong and why everyone should have a NEST heating system

The cold never bothered me anyway

“The cold never bothered me anyway”… said pretty much no-one ever ☃️  I know in the RJA office none of us have ever said that and we probably never will, but being on a budget we’re all careful how high we turn our thermostats at home.

The Energy Saving Trust says that heating accounts for about 55% of what people spend each year on energy bills. So is there a way to stay warm and toasty AND keep energy bills down?  😲 Yes there is!

The NEST thermostat is a fantastic piece of kit that helps you heat your home more efficiently and even lets you change the temperature or switch off your heating with your Google Smart Assistant, Alexa or smartphone. You need an Internet connection of course, but as you’re reading this, we’ll assume you have one of those already 👍

So if you want to do your bit to help save the planet by reducing greenhouse emissions AND want to reduce your energy bills too, get in touch.

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2000+ people have already put their trust in RJA. How about you?