If your security system has been activated whilst you are away from your business, we as your trusted keyholders, can provide fast response at any time, day or night. Our alarm response services include rapid response to:

  • Alarm system activation
  • Reports of break-ins
  • Attendance requests from emergency services

For your alarm system to be granted police response, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) also requires that each premises must have at least two keyholders, one of whom must be available at all times. Each keyholder must have a telephone, a means of transport, and must be capable of responding quickly to an attendance request, day or night. If not, police response to your property may be withdrawn.

With RJA appointed as your keyholders, you automatically comply with all police requirements.


  • Compliance with many insurance policies
  • Avoid exposing yourself and your staff to potential danger
  • Rest assured that your property is safe even when you are away
  • Receive a detailed report for your records after each callout.
Security keyholding

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